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Our team has been involved with on-line moisture gauging and analysis for over 20 years, with experience in applying different moisture measurement technologies in the mining, metals, food, tobacco, paper & pulp, building materials and fertilizer industries.

Technological Edge

We continue to develop and improve our products, so as to maintain our technological edge in the marketplace. Our risk-based thinking approach ensures that you receive the highest level of product and service quality....

Industries Served

The Aquameter can be implemented in almost every industry and application where on-line moisture gauging is required.

We have arranged the measurement antennas in a typical configuration for use on conveyor belts, but it can also be arranged in different configurations to work in your process.

The standard housing material is from 316 Stainless steel, permitting the use of the gauge even in corrosive environments and the food industry. Typical industries served include:

  • Mining
  • Food
  • Agricultural
  • Building Materials
  • Bio Fuels
Moisture Gauge
Moisture Gauge
Moisture Gauge
Moisture Gauge